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Stone Love’s Wee Pow once told Backayard Magazine, after seeing what Klassique was doing, “We jus go to all the ‘rub a dub’ sounds and tek dem main DJs and cut special so wi did have all a dem inna one place now.” Klassique, however, didn’t follow the trend it had set.

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Senior Daley explains it this way, “You notice how we keep Rae Town…

“The whole of downtown locked.” Rae Town Old Hits was helped by being based in a safe community.

“Because the violence was less,” Romie says, “people used to fly down [from the USA] just to go to Rae Town.” When Rae Town Old Hits started, there were two types of sound systems—rub-a-dub sound systems and discos.

So it can’t be said Rae Town Old Hits is strictly about oldies.

It is best said that Rae Town Old Hits is about a style. That’s why it last so long.” For those in Kingston, or on their way, and wish to attend a Rae Town Old Hits session, the event has not been held at Rae Road for several months since the police are not allowing it to stay open after 12am Sunday night.

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    August 16: Chloe was awarded as "Choice Dancer" at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. August 20: Chloe won "Favorite Dancer 17 & Under" at the 2015 Industry Dance Awards.